The Human Design

by Bridges Burned

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released June 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Bridges Burned Glasgow, UK

Bridges Burned are a Glasgow based metal band performing in several locations in Glasgow. The band have just re-released their debut EP 'The Human Design' as a full length album, completely re-recorded and it is available now.

The band are:

Shaun Couper - Vocals
John MacGillivray - Guitars
Martin Wyllie - Guitars
Paul Currie - Drums
Jordan McNally - Bass
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Track Name: Let Go (The Suffering)
How long will this last?
Will it ever end?
(Just learn to live with it,
It will become your friend).

Be my angel, can you set me free?

Nightmares become reality,
To live like this is my destiny.

(I'll crawl inside your skin,
Manipulate your soul),
Leave me the fuck alone,
Let me fucking go!

Be my angel, will you set me free?

Nightmares become reality,
To live like this is my destiny.
Track Name: Sociecide
Yeah, you feel alone,
The world is ending and my heart is made of stone,
I am the last man standing,
We are just the same,
We're both just pawns inside this sad, unending game,
It's part of life, accept it.

Sociecide, come fill our lives,
Sociecide, come end our lives.

There is nothing now that cannot give you cancer,
And society is waiting for an answer,
I am not insane,
I'm just a visionary and you can't complain,
The end can't come too early.
Track Name: For What It's Worth
Turn the pages, try not to cry,
Bring back the moment, don't let it die,
Rip out the pages, tear up my soul,
The moment's long lost, death takes it's toll.

I thought that we could never be,
I thought that you would never see,
You mean the fucking world to me,
I thought that we would never be,
I thought that you could never see,
What makes it all worth it to me.

My heart is breaking, aches in my chest,
My mind is empty with thoughts of nothingness,
These eyes see darkness, blinded by pain,
My lungs are closing, just dying to scream.
Track Name: Deny My Destiny
Wake up, open your fucking eyes,
Stand up, it's time for you to rise...

This pattern seems familiar,
This paralysing state,
Another day, another breath,
This cannot be my fate,
Fade into the darkness,
Brought in by the light,
In order to be free,
The only thing that's left to do is fight.

This agony continues,
Another day of apathy,
Once again I'm blinded,
By these insecurities.
I will never get away,
This curse will finish me,
Hoping for salvation,
Praying that I can be free.

You are the slayer of my dreams, the cause of my insanity,
I wake, I scream, I fly...deny my destiny.
All I want is to be something more than nothing,
I bleed, I sweat, I cry...deny my destiny.

I won't let myself fade away...

I will not fade away.
Track Name: Lost All Hope
Do you hear my words?
Do you hear these words I speak to you?
The words you hear and don't hold true.
Look in my eyes,
Look in and see the pain you've caused,
And all the love that we have lost.

Fight for your love,
Fight for your life.

Shattered hopes and broken dreams,
That's all that's left for us it seems,
Now with your unforgiving bind,
I've lost all hope with you in mind.

Heartache ever after,
I can feel my heart beat from my chest,
These memories are laid to rest,
My veins are bursting,
With the thought of you and I again,
Just fucking stop and don't pretend...

You're not to blame,
I'm just insane.
Track Name: No Regrets
And so it has begun,
The damage has been done.

My heart's on fire,
My one desire,
My trust is broken,
My pain unspoken.

We live each day with no regrets,
But what we'd give to start it all again.

So we continue on,
This world stops for no-one.

Our hearts beat faster,
Our one disaster,
Our world is broken,
Our fears unspoken.
Track Name: Rise Of The Dead
I foresee the end of days,
Nothing and no-one is safe.

Watch the sky crumble,
Leaving the canvas blank,
Paint your own demise.

No escape from the demons that haunt you,
Nowhere to hide, your nightmares come to life,
Your nightmares come to life.

I can taste the crimson red,
That flows from your neck.
Track Name: It's Over
You're out of second chances now,
We need to figure this thing out,
Too many times you broke my heart,
You've gone and ripped my soul apart,
Now can you see the pain you've caused?
You've fucked things up, so fuck right off!
Don't want to see your face again,
I just want to end this hell.

It's over now, you've let me down.

And do you see what I've become?
And can't you see it's over now?!

So many broken promises,
You've fucked things up, it's come to this,
For years you've driven me insane,
I'm finished with your little game,
You love to sit inside the flames,
And breaking hearts, it's all the same,
But every story has to end,
And yours will end in tearshed.